LiquidPixels Announces Object Detect and Edge Detect Features that Automates Auto-Cropping and Auto-Masking to Any Shape

LiquidPixels, Inc., the premier provider of enterprise-class dynamic imaging solutions, today announced the addition of LiquiFire® Object Detect™ and LiquiFire Edge Detect™ features for advanced imaging, available to all users of LiquiFire OS Blaze™.

Machine Learning continues to radically shape the dynamic imaging landscape, adding flexibility and automation to previously manual workflows. Now, LiquiFire OS Object Detect and Edge Detect can be used to automatically discover, discern, and isolate objects in images. LiquiFire OS Blaze can detect facial features, full body imagery, and other elements to auto-crop to an object, create new masks, colorize elements, apply patterns, and more.

Object Detect and Edge Detect allow for more than simply adding glasses to a face or applying a customized shade of lipstick. This cutting edge advanced imaging technology can auto-detect a face in a crowd of many, focus on that face, remove the background around that individual, crop to that face, and identify specific facial features for accessories—automatically, instantly, and on demand.

“This goes way beyond facial recognition,” said Marc Spencer, LiquidPixels Co-founder and Chief Technical Officer. “We created Object Detect and Edge Detect to leverage complex machine learning technologies in a simple-to-use advanced imaging world. The flexibility of LiquiFire Image Chains brings together imaging tools to produce a customized user experience that simply does not exist on any other platform.”

LiquiFire OS is a powerful, scalable, and secure digital imaging solution that seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructures and automates workflows. Enterprise use-cases include product lifecycle management, CRM, enterprise resource planning, supply chain, field services, and much more. LiquidPixels has also long been associated with e-commerce as the preferred imaging solution for some of the world’s largest e-commerce companies, making LiquidPixels the only company to provide true end-to-end imaging support.

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