This logistics start-up helps companies shrink carbon footprint with electric vehicles and green warehousing

Evfy is Singapore’s first 100 per cent in-house electric vehicle delivery fleet that aims to create a sustainable last-mile logistics ecosystem for Singapore. This enables it to contribute to the meeting of green targets set out in the Singapore Green Plan 2030.

Evfy pulls together the experience and resources of its two predecessors GetVan and OkWhere, to offer a suite of end-to-end green solutions to the customers. Other than a full in-house electric vehicle fleet, the firm is also able to tap a network of 600 on-demand drivers formerly registered with GetVan.

The company envisions building a strong network of sustainable last-mile logistics solutions through leasing partners and an in-house driver fleet. We aim to convert every driver partner on our platform to drive an electric vehicle by 2030.

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